WeatherShield Chimney Cap for Air-Cooled Pipe

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The WeatherShield TDW Chimney Cap is a universal, stainless steel cap for air cooled, factory built chimneys, and is the ideal chimney cap for double or triple wall round and air-cooled chimneys. This cap is constructed of 26 gauge, 304 stainless steel and fits into pipe easily using the “spring fit” system - simply squeeze the base of the cap, slide it into the pipe, and the cap will grip firmly as it expands outwards. The WeatherShield TDW Chimney Cap features two collars that prevent moisture entry while still allowing the pipe to cool, making it the perfect protection from animals, debris, and wet conditions. This cap comes standard with removable lid and 1”, clog-resistant mesh screen, but is available with a 1/2” mesh screen. The WeatherShield TDW Chimney Cap is made in the USA, and features a limited lifetime warranty.

Matrix - Diameter :


Matrix - Screen Size :


Matrix - Lid Size :

  StandardOver Sized - 19"

  • WeatherShield Chimney Caps Keep Rain, Snow, Animals, Leaves & Other Debris Out of Your Chimney!
  • Constructed with 304 Stainless Steel & 1" Clog-Resistant Mesh
  • Available with 1/2" California Mesh Screen
  • Over Sized, 19" Lid Available for 6" - 10" Diameter WeatherShield TDW Chimney Caps for Air-Cooled Pipe
  • Made in the USA & Features Limited Lifetime Warranty