Superwool Plus Insulation Blanket, Un-Faced

SKU: Superwool Plus Insulation Blanket, Un-Fa

The Superwool Plus Un-Faced Insulation Blanket has many uses including: stuffing in holes, replacing stove baffle blankets, insulating a gas liner, smoke chamber parging preparation, and more. This insulation blanket has an 8 lb. density and carries UL723 listing. Stainless Steel Mesh is great for holding the blankets down on the liner when installing, and works well with TherMix!

Matrix - Width :


Matrix - Thickness :


  • Insulation Blanket Perfect for Stuffing Holes, Replacing Stove Baffle Blankets, Insulating Gas Liner & More!
  • Ideal When Parging Smoke Chambers!
  • Eight Pound Density
  • Carries UL723 Listing