Stainless Steel Firebacks

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Stainless Steel Firebacks are constructed with 14 gauge stainless steel, painted black, and designed to protect the structural integrity of the firebox by shielding masonry from 1/3 of the heat that would otherwise cause deterioration. Energy output is also increased by reflecting more heat and light back into the room. Stainless steel construction results in a lighter weight and less expensive fireback, and the slotted base allows for adjustable installations (65° - 90°)! Stainless Steel Firebacks are available in five sizes from 15" x 15" to 27" x 27", and paint will burn off with use.

Matrix - Finish :


Matrix - Dimensions :

  15" x 15"16" x 18"20" x 20"24" x 24"27" x 27"

  • Constructed with 14 Gauge, Stainless Steel & Painted Black
  • Shields Masonry & Prevents Deterioration of the Firebox
  • Slotted Base Allows for 65° - 90° Adjustments
  • Increased Energy Output & Light into the Room