SmartFlex Basic Liner Kits

SKU: SmartFlex Basic Liner Kits

Our SmartFlex Basic Liner Kits are used for all fuel type appliances including wood, oil, coal, pellet, and gas where a tee and tee cap are not necessary. The SmartFlex Basic Liner Kits come in 15' - 35' (5' increments only) and 50' lengths, and include: All Fuel, 316, .006" Stainless Steel Liner, Stove Adapter, and Top Kit (Rain Cap and 13" x 13", 'EZ' Band Top Plate). The stove adapter slips into the top of the appliance's collar for an easy transition to the venting liner. These basic kits come with installation instructions and a lifetime transferable warranty, valid only if installed/maintained by a chimney professional.

Matrix - Diameter :


Matrix - Length :


  • Ideal for Wood, Oil, Coal, Pellet & Gas Stoves
  • Installation Instructions Included
  • A Favorite Among Chimney Professionals!
  • Lifetime Transferable Warranty Available
  • UL Listed to UL 1777, ULC-S635, and 441 Standards for Insulation