SmartFlex Aluminum Liner Kit

SKU: SmartFlex Aluminum Liner Kit

The SmartFlex Aluminum Liner Kits include all the benefits and applications of our aluminum liner, in the form of a convenient kit packaged to complete any gas appliance installation job. These kits include: UL listed and tested aluminum liner, aluminum mortar collar, aluminum top plate, aluminum cap and installation instructions. All SmartFlex Aluminum Liner Kits have a fifteen-year warranty, valid only if installed/maintained by a chimney professional. Use SmartFlex Aluminum Liner Kits for gas fueled appliances, and water heater ventilation!

Matrix - Diameter :


Matrix - Length :


  • The Ideal Liner Kit for Gas Fueled Appliances & Water Heaters!
  • UL Listed & Tested Two-Ply Aluminum Liner
  • Kit Includes: Aluminum Liner, Mortar Collar, Top Plate, Cap & Installation Instructions
  • Fifteen Year Warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A