Single Flue Cap Copper

SKU: Single Flue Cap Copper

The Copper Chimney cap is a high quality cap with a unique installation design. With the mounting bolts located at the corners, this creates a more secure cap that fastens to the flue tile. This cap is made out of 100% copper and a 24" gauge lid, and 18" gauge screen size that is 6 1/2" high. This cap is a beautiful choice for home owners if you are looking to keep animals and other critters out of your chimney. 3/4" Mesh.

Matrix - Dimensions :

 9" x 9"9" x 13"12" x 16"13" x 13"13" x 18"

  • 100% copper
  • Over time, color forms a patina
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Withstands high heat and weather elements
    Matrix - Dimensions