PWR- Powdered Water Repellent- 32 oz. Container

SKU: 759001

This Powdered Water Repellent is used to add to mortar/concrete mixes for repairs, tuckpointing, and rebuilds. This product makes mortar permanently waterproof. This PWR prevents a follow up trip for waterproofing. Easily repair and waterproof on the same day! Simply mix 1 oz. of PWR per round point shovel of dry ingredients — or one ounce per 15 pounds of bagged, pre-mixed mortar/concrete. A measuring scoop is included. One container is enough to treat 480 lbs. of mortar/concrete mix. Sold in one-pound containers.

  • Coverage Rate: 1 container treats 480 lbs of mix
  • Available Sizes: One-pound, recyclable containers
  • Application Method: Add powder to mortar
  • Application Temperatures: Minimum 40° F
  • Dry Time: Once mixed, use immediately