Premier Drop-In Dampers

SKU: Premier Drop-In Dampers

These Drop-In Dampers are made of 304 stainless steel, and can be used on round, square or rectangle flue tiles. These dampers can also be used with flexible or rigid stainless steel liner, factory built chimneys, and solid pack chimney liner. They are ideal for installations where a standard top mounting damper is not suitable, and can be used with rain caps, top kits, and other accessories. These Drop-In Dampers are recessed 6”, include a 50’ cable, and come with a lifetime warranty.

Matrix - Size :

 6"7"8"8" x 13"9"10"11"12"12" x 12"13" x 13"14"16"

  • For Installations Where Standard Top Mounting Dampers Unsuitable
  • Use with Rain Caps, Top Kits & Other Accessories
  • Recessed 6", 304 Stainless Steel Construction & Used on Round, Square or Rectangle Flue Tiles
  • Includes Everything Shown & 50' Cable
  • Lifetime Warranty Available!