HY-C Universal Chimney Caps

SKU: Universal Chimney Caps

The HY-C Universal Chimney Caps combines durability and function with its unique, inside anchoring system, making it the ideal choice for windy conditions. This chimney cap can also be used on chimneys with or without an exposed flue tile. The Universal Cap is constructed with durable, 16 gauge, 3/4” expanded metal-diamond mesh and a 24 gauge, stamped steel lid. This cap is available in: stainless steel or galvanized black finishes, multi-packs, and 5/8” California mesh screening. The Universal Chimney Cap fits both oval and rectangular flues. When built with stainless steel, this product comes with a lifetime warranty, while galvanized black comes with a seven-year warranty. Multi-packs are available in most sizes: 13" x 13" caps are available in 5 packs, 13" x 20 1/2" caps are available in 4 packs. All caps come with a removable lid, and are best when used with our Universal Damper Kits!

Matrix - Dimensions :

 13" x 13"13" x 20 1/2"

Matrix - Screen Size :

3/4" - Standard Mesh5/8" - California Mesh

Matrix - Product Options :

 Single PackMulti-Pack

Matrix - Material :

 Galvanized BlackStainless Steel

  • Anchors for Windy Conditions
  • Stainless Steel & Galvanized Black Available
  • No Tools Required! Easy Installation!
  • Warranties Available & Made in the U.S.A.
  • Multi-Pack Option Includes Four or Five Packs!