Gelco Single Flue, Copper Chimney Caps

SKU: Gelco Single Flue, Copper Chimney Caps

These Gelco Single Flue, Copper Chimney Caps add a touch of elegance to any home, with 100% copper and featuring an 18 gauge, double channeled base with 24 gauge lid for added strength. The 18 gauge, 3/4” mesh screening is 8” high, and creates an effective barrier against animals and debris. The copper finish turns colors as it forms a patina, blending with other copper features of the house such as gutters or trim over time. This cap comes with copper plated, stainless steel screws and base for strength, and a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects and rust, regardless of fuel used.

Matrix - Dimensions :

 8" x 8"13" x 13"13" x 17"17" x 17"

  • Elegant, Rust-Proof 100% Copper
  • Forms Patina, Blending Against Other Copper Features
  • Double Channeled, 18 Gauge Base & 24 Gauge Lid Adds Strength!
  • Lifetime Warranty Available
    Matrix - Dimensions