Enervex SCA Steel Chimney Adapter

SKU: Enervex SCA Steel Chimney Adapter

The SCA 316L Steel Chimney Adapter is used to provide support for the installation of an RS or RSHT chimney fan on a round steel chimney. It is mounted at the chimney termination point. The adapter consists of a square mounting plate to support the fan, and a round collar that can slide into the chimney for a tight fit. The outer diameter of the collar is 1/8" smaller than the inner diameter of the chimney.

Matrix - Measurements :

Adaptor: RS12, Diameter: 10"Adaptor: RS12, Diameter: 12"Adaptor: RS12, Diameter: 14"Adaptor: RS12, Diameter: 6"Adaptor: RS12, Diameter: 8"Adaptor: RS14, Diameter: 10"Adaptor: RS14, Diameter: 12"Adaptor: RS14, Diameter: 6"Adaptor: RS14, Diameter: 8"Adaptor: RS16, Diameter: 10"Adaptor: RS16, Diameter: 12"Adaptor: RS16, Diameter: 14"Adaptor: RS16, Diameter: 16"Adaptor: RS9, Diameter: 10"Adaptor: RS9, Diameter: 5"Adaptor: RS9, Diameter: 6"Adaptor: RS9, Diameter: 8"

  • Safe, tight fit
  • Works with single, double or triple wall chimneys
  • Easy to install