Energy Top Plus Damper

SKU: Energy Top Plus Damper

The Energy Top Plus Damper combines the efficiency of the Energy Top with the added protection of a stainless steel cap. This damper seals out rain, snow and sleet while sealing in "paid" heat and air conditioning, as well as providing added animal and debris control. What makes the Energy Top Plus Damper so unique is the soft, pliable rubber gasket seal attached to the frame. It compresses and conforms to the lid when closed while also acting as a chimney cap. Designed with a cast-aluminum lid and stronger spring, this damper is easy to open and close while still creating an air-tight seal at the top of the chimney. When closed, this low profile damper is a great solution for saving “paid” energy dollars in historical homes with leaky or missing dampers. Heat loss up the fireplace chimney accounts for an average 8% of your home heating costs. The Energy Top Plus Damper helps prevent this heat loss.

Matrix - Dimensions :

 8" x 8"8" x 17"9" x 13"13" x 13"13" x 18"18" x 18"

Matrix - Screen Size :

 3/4" - Standard Mesh5/8" - California Mesh

  • Stainless Steel & Aluminum Construction
  • No Fusible Link / Quick & Easy Install
  • 100% Seal / Energy Efficient
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Tier Pricing Available!