Drescher Combustion Air Vent

SKU: 850901

This Drescher Combustion Air Vent economically improves efficiency of your conventional fireplace by taking in cold air from outside your home, and creating the ultimate environment for combustion - just like a fireplace damper! Easily adjust the air flow from fully closed to fully open with this system. In accordance with NFPA 211, the unique design allows this product to fit into your new or existing masonry fireplaces. When installing, access to the outside air is essential, and large fireplaces may require two vents. The Drescher Combustion Air Vent Louver (included)  measures 4", and is required to complete installation. For best results, please follow included instructions.

  • Economically improves the efficiency of your fireplace
  • Durable Cast Iron Drescher Combuston Air Vent
  • Efficiently draw cold air from outside and generates the proper environment for combustion, using unheated, free air.
  • Controls Air Flow