Cold Weather CrownCoat - 1 Gallon

SKU: 750406

Cold Weather CrownCoat is a brushable, elastomeric coating that, when cured, forms a flexible waterproof membrane designed to repair and protect chimney crowns from moisture intrusion. Cold Weather CrownCoat cures naturally in above freezing temperatures or accelerated “freeze-curing” in below freezing temperatures, down to -40° F. Cold Weather CrownCoat is ready to use, easy to apply with a 3″ or 4″ brush (not included), and requires no mixing or special bonding agents. The compounds in Cold Weather CrownCoat are solvent free, and will not harm the environment. This product comes with a ten-year warranty when applied by a professional. Pro Tip: This product is only available in white, use dyes for custom color.

  • Brushable, Elastomeric Coating Forms Flexible Waterproof Coating
  • Ready To Use & Easy To Apply with 3" or 4" Brush (Not Included)
  • Cures Naturally Above Freezing Temperatures & Accelerated "Freeze-Curing" in Below Freezing Temperatures
  • Ten-Year Warranty When Applied by a Professional
  • Pro Tip: Product Only Available in White - Use Mortar Dyes for Custom Colors!