CleanBurn Universal Woodstove Thermometer

SKU: 610165

The CleanBurn Universal Woodstove Thermometer is optimal for stovepipes and stovetops! Use it for inner and outer readings with easy 'place & go' setup. Just place the magnetic thermometer 12 to 18 inches above the stovepipe or the hottest spot of the top to ensure your burning at optimal levels whenever your stove is in use. Check the top ring for the stove top and the middle ring for the stovepipe. A simple 3-sectional gauge of 'Too Cool', 'Optimal', and 'Too Hot' helps you quickly adjust to the best range and temperature.

  • Calibrated to read stove top or stovepipe temperatures
  • Attach to your metal wood stove with ease! Magnet will hold to 800°F.
  • For optimal efficiency, safety, and overheating prevention