ButtonLok Co-Polymer Slick Rods

SKU: ButtonLok Co-Polymer Slick Rods

ButtonLok Co-Polymer Rods are like no other. These large diameter slick rods come in 4 different sizes. The 1/2" are perfect for liners and small flue tiles that are up to 7" round, and can be used for almost all wood stoves and inserts. For use as first rods, follow with 5/8" rods in 6" wood stove or insert flues. The 5/8" size is new; it flexes like the old 7/8" black poly rod, but it bends further without danger of kinking, making this size ideal for masonry chimneys. Offsets are no problem, as it is stiff enough to resist bending in all but the largest flues, for example those over 12 x 16. This size has also been used for deglazing with chains and cable loops, although our larger 3/4" rod may be a better choice. However, for flues with creosote and offsets, this may be the only way to get beyond the bend. The 3/4" size solid slick rod is new, different from our 3/4" rods before, as those are hollow. They are fully capable for use when creosote deglazing and tile breaking with ButtonLok Tools. They are easier to handle than steel rods, and with less breakage. They deliver torque to the tool with minimal "windup", which can occur when you have many rods together.

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